Friday, March 28, 2003

Extra credit for political advocacy 

Students are reacting to the onslaught of faculty who use their position to push students into political causes. Some students at Saginaw Valley State are appalled by a letter to the campus faculty asking them to "modify your syllabus ... and join them" at a "Teach In for Peace." Erin O'Connor notes that the administration has found that the faculty are within their rights to do this, but that she hopes "the embarrassment of public exposure will motivate SVSU admins to do what private complaints would not: to ensure that on their campus, education will neither be confused with political advocacy nor sacrificed to it."

But this sort of thing has gone on for years. Women's studies classes hold a vigil in front of Planned Parenthood; there were several classes where students were given credit for supporting strikers of two staff unions on this campus.

There's a very simple solution of course: Someone should create a Teach In for the Liberation of Iraq, and make the same request.