Thursday, February 27, 2003

Thin-skinned pacifist 

Oh, isn't this nice?
[P]eople here in the US are still sharply divided over Iraq. Many anti-war demonstrations in recent days show the sharp division between those calling for peace and those wanting war.

That became clear in San Antonio Thursday when [University of Texas at San Antonio] UTSA teachers and students on both sides of the issues clashed.

"They're lying to you, kids," yelled Fredd Bergman, a student at UTSA who attended what was supposed to be an informational session at the school. Bergman got up to leave in protest of what he perceived to be an anti-war rally. As he left, a professor flipped Bergman's jacket hood in retaliation.

UTSA's vice-president said the brief encounter between the student and teacher is now under investigation by the school. "We have 23,000 people in our University community and I have a feeling that we have 23,000 different opinions concerning the world situation right now," said vice-president David Gabler.

How many of those 23,000 are faculty that think it's OK to flip the jacket hood of someone who disagrees with them?