Monday, February 10, 2003

The rise and fall of student blogs 

Perhaps another reasons the liberal academy dislikes the blogosphere is the rise of student blogs that show a far greater conservative bent than do the faculty listservs. For one example, see The Vermont Reactionary, where Russel has been kind enough to add our site to his blogroll. We take over a slot for him from the old SFSU Conservative, which was a voice in that wilderness known as San Francisco. The author of that blog has given up his website. You often get graduations, or simply a hard semester, that kicks these students offline for at least awhile. Faculty like us get to perpetuate our immaturity on.

Student voices help us show the bankruptcy of much of the academy today. I linked up the Vermont site not only for this reason -- Russel has a great story about a speech by a Colombian terror apologist-- but also for the many fun visits I had to that wonderful state from my family home in New Hampshire. If you're ever going to NH or ME through New York, consider the ultimate "back road" of NY 7/VT 9 and then slip onto NH 101 to go towards the coast. Bring a camera and your stick shift. Montpelier is a good bit north of that road, but if you head north from Bennington you'll see some great real estate. Too bad it's becoming San Fran East.

Besides, he's got our same design and hasn't abandoned the Scholars' original green.