Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Cookie theater update 

Rand Simberg reports on a bake sale at the University of Michigan that parallels the UCLA bake sale reported here a couple days ago. Illustrating the UM 20-point add factor for minority students, the wonderfully devilish Michigan Review had a sale (I hope the picture is still up at the top) selling donuts for $1 if the buyer was white and $.80 if one was a member of a minority group. The usual negative reactions of the "affirmative action is too important to joke about" abound in the story. Two telling comments:
"People have been arguing with us since 8 a.m.," [Michigan Review staff member Justin] Wilson said. "I'm surprised the University hasn't shut us down yet."

Isn't that sad? That one would wonder why your free speech wasn't impinged?
Wilson emphasized that the staff of The Michigan Review supports minorities. Profits from the bake sale were donated to the United Negro College Fund - that amount totaled $17 at the end of the sale.
$17???? All they made was $17???? C'mon guys, you're supporters of the free market! You're supposed to know how to make big money.

The comments on the Michigan Daily page are interesting to read, largely in favor of the display.

If SCSU's CRs -- and I know you're reading! -- want to do this, I'll bake the cookies. (Original link found via Cold Spring Shops.)