Friday, January 31, 2003

Typecasting women 

A presentation here next week starts with this:

February 5 - Women on War and Militarism

Women are standing in solidarity to oppose the war in Iraq and to demand a cut in U.S. military spending. This solidarity stems from the common concern that peace is essential to the protection, improvement and enrichment of the quality of life of all people. Learn how women are making their voices heard through non-violent activism and consciousness raising.
This is rather common on our listserv. What was uncommon was a political scientist who does survey research who pointed out that the solidarity isn't true. This amazing presumptiveness of the Left on campus that they speak for all and know all is amazing. And I wonder whether the presentation will include the picture of a female student in today's University Chronicle called up to active duty. The picture is not up at the website, but this article on the deployment of 37 of our students contains this gem:
SCSU students and National Guard carpenters of four years, Amy and Amanda Henry are among those deploying. Amy, a junior, thought it was difficult to leave family, friends and school behind.

"It was hard leaving class after the professor signed my drop-course slip," Amy said. "I had to leave while everyone else stayed."

"It was really stressful having to organize my life in a few hours," Amanda said, "especially moving out of my apartment and speaking to all my professors."

Although they acknowledge the situation is stressful, the Henry sisters look forward to the excitement and new adventures that few people will get to experience.

"We are going with our Guard family and we will make the most of it," they said. "We're ready."


Senior Jessica Kleinschmidt is one of them.

"I'd rather experience this mission, school will always be there when I get back," she said.

Kleinschmidt works as an electrician in the National Guard. Her sister Kayla, 14, thinks what she is doing is "awesome" and has been inspired to someday join the National Guard like her big sister.
I'm listening to how these "women are making their voices heard." Chances are, they won't be heard at that presentation on Wednesday.