Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Quick add on Lomborg 

D.J. Tice has an interesting column today on the Lomborg case (which I discussed here). It appears Tice was hassled to report the refutations of Lomborg after writing a review of the book. This seems to have only succeeded in getting Tice's dander up.
While neglecting to make specific charges, the committee report wanders off on self-revealing tangents. Noting that Lomborg's book received "overwhelmingly positive write-ups in leading American newspapers," the panel explains: "The USA is the society with the highest energy consumption in the world, and there are powerful interests in the USA bound up with... the belief in free market forces."

Have these scientists disproved "free market" economics, too?
Hey DJ, wait until you report on your new SUV!

UPDATE: ColdSpringShops points out this post from AtlanticBlog which connects all the bits on Lomborg. I have to keep making myself correct the spelling because I can't separate Bjorn Lomborg from Jim Lonborg.