Thursday, January 16, 2003

Now pitching for the Harvard econ department... 

Critical Mass, the blog of Erin O'Connor, reports on another website of same name run by a student who had a bad experience in a principles of economics course. Aaron Greenspan (and how appropriate a name is that?) has set up another website that allows Harvard students to grade faculty. Greenspan succeeded in getting the chair of the Harvard economics department to hear the professor in the classroom; the chairman subsequently removed the professor and brought in a reliever (maybe Jim Lonborg?)

O'Connor notes this is now a trend of academic watchdogs.

These sites and organizations are unpopular, to say the least, on campuses themselves, but that's to be expected when the reason they exist is that college and university faculty and administrators expect not to be held accountable for either the quality of the education they provide or their frequent disregard for the law. Here's hoping that these sites will inspire more sites, and that together, they can force American higher education to clean up its act.