Sunday, January 12, 2003

Not Found in the Minneapolis StarTribune 

Two items lift our spirits as we start a new semester. First, Professor Wes Carter of the University of Buffalo writes an uplifting �My Turn� narrative that is published in tomorrow�s Newsweek (not yet available online) about how he and most around him have �moved beyond race.�

Second, in National Review, Roger Clegg drafts an extraordinarily eloquent speech that he wishes President Bush would deliver this week when filing a brief to the Supreme Court on behalf of the plaintiffs in the Michigan Law School Case. Clegg closes by quoting Thurgood Marshall�s words as lead attorney in Brown v. Board of Education: �Distinctions by race are so evil, so arbitrary and insidious that a state bound to defend the equal protection of the laws must not allow them in any public sphere". . . and . . . "classifications and distinctions based upon race or color have no moral or legal validity in our society."