Sunday, January 05, 2003

Need for historical SCSU perspective

In Dave's "hoist by its own petard" post, he asks: "How long will SCSU continue to suffer from a perception of a 'severe lack of credibility with regard to diverstiy issues,' and a reputation for 'institutionalized bias, sexism, racism, and anti-Semintism?' "

I think that an equally important question is "how long will SCSU continue to (a) encourage the suppression of free speech/expression, (b) march to the tune of collective thought reform, and (c) display a benign neglect of academic standards and scholarship for faculty?" Given that past behavior is typically the best predictor of future behavior, I think that those new to the SCSU community may find some important lessons from the past Applied Psychology debacle which caught the attention of FIRE.

Diversity issues are not the only issues that need attention on the SCSU campus. Similar attention needs to be focused on free speech and due process for ALL and on academic standards and scholarship. To continue to ignore the later will likely result in SCSU becoming known as a substandard luniversity.