Thursday, January 09, 2003

How to apologize: Regret and recommitment 

FIRE scores again! They've managed to get the dean at Harvard Business School to apologize for verbally warning the student newspaper editor for a cartoon that mocked the efforts of HBS' career services. Alan Kors and Harvey Silverglate, authors of The Shadow University and co-directors of FIRE, note,
�This is the best way for abuses to end. We reasoned morally with the dean. The dean admitted error and committed himself to making HBS an appropriate haven for freedom of expression.�
One may compare the statement made by Dean Kim Clark at HBS to our own apology letter over the CR case.
�Since mid-November, I have sought a wide range of opportunities ... to publicly reaffirm my commitment to free speech and the independence of the Harbus. Moreover, I have expressed my own regret that recent events may have caused anyone to doubt the depth of our commitment. I will continue to affirm this message at every appropriate moment�. I am confident we have learned from our recent experience, strengthened our commitment to free discourse, and underscored its importance in preserving the vitality of our community.�