Saturday, January 04, 2003

Hoist by its own petard 

Pick your metaphor: playing with fire, chickens coming home to roost, or hoist by its own petard. What did the SCSU Administration expect would happen when it practiced collective, nostra-culpa self-flagellation (a perverted complement to self-congratulation), agreed to settle all lawsuits, and contracted with biased researchers bent on breaking every rule for scientific survey design and administration?

King's summary of today's commentary in the Minneapolis StarTribune explodes in our faces. How long will SCSU continue to suffer from a perception of a �severe lack of credibility with regard to diversity issues,� and a reputation for �institutionalized bias, sexism, racism, and anti-Semitism?�

Forever may be the answer . . . unless and until the SCSU Administration publicly and forcefully:
1) denounces the insidiously divisive, intellectually bankrupt, and totally evil concept of �collective (institutionalized) guilt;�
2) states its future intentions to litigate, rather than settle, all future lawsuits, demanding individual responsibility and accountability from all future plaintiffs and defendants;
3) insists that any future campus surveys will be assessed against the most rigorous standards for testing their validity as well as reliability; and
4) announces that before implementation plans are finalized, it will critically evaluate the efficacy as well as the implications of what President Saigo announced yesterday was coming: new, �substantive and significant diversity training on campus.� Please stay tuned for the details.