Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Bush gets it and tells it to the Supremes 

As some of us had hoped, President Bush will file an amicus brief to the Supreme Court on Thursday saying "the Michigan policies amount to a quota system" and argues it is unconstitutional. He goes on to say that the Univ. of Michigan uses a 150-point scale to grade applications for admission and awards 20 points to applicants that identify themselves as African-American, Native American or Hispanic. In contrast, a perfect SAT gets you 12 points.

Of course the New York Times is displeased. The Bush remarks indicate he is advocating instead the system in Texas where the top 10% of all Texas high school graduating classes are automatically admitted. The Times states

That approach is necessarily flawed since its success depends on perpetuating a system of largely segregated secondary schools. It also fails to address the need to keep up minority enrollment at the best private colleges and professional schools.
Odd comment, since even Lani Guinier is quoted in this article as supporting the Texas 10% plan.

An AP story makes the rounds of the usual legal talking heads, and says Bush is moderate on this.

UPDATE: ColdSpringShops adds some observations.