Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Confirming the worst

I mentioned yesterday overhearing the WCCO report that the letter from the disaffected black faculty that SCSU was toxic to students of color was circulating again. The Times reports today that there are nine such letters sent to high schools in the Twin Cities (but doesn't put the article online!), meaning that their letter is getting as much coverage from the Times as the Israeli flag affair.

UPDATE: Ah, of course! The StarTribune reports it. I'm shocked!

UPDATE 2: The PioneerPress replays the original article from March. At that time the letter went to more than forty schools, churches and community centers in areas with large proportions of African American people. "I think most of us would like to see (Cooper, Davis and Tademe) working on more positive ways of creating a more positive environment rather than trying to keep students out," said a university spokesman. Well, Cooper we understand; he "retired" from the university. As to the other two, consider what would happen to an employee at, say, Target who told certain customers it was dangerous for them to enter the store and that they should go to WalMart instead. Wouldn't he also be "retired"? Ah yes, tenure.