Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Asking good questions

The St. Cloud Times runs an excellent editorial by Mike Sawin today asking why the local media has not run with the Israeli flag story. Dan Becker, who I mentioned earlier was the Independence Party candidate for US Rep from this district, suggests media fatigue. After all, the Times has beaten up the university already on the anti-Semitism settlement. Or could it be that a display that may have been accosted for tying pro-Israeli and pro-gun views doesn't fit the Times' worldview of being pro-Israeli? (Claudia Rossett has some thoughts on OpinionJournal today.) Unlike most of the PC police, I am unable to determine motives simply from actions.

Over on KNSI, a local talk radio station, Hot Talk with the Ox is saying they won't let go of the story and wondering why coverage has been lax. Dan Ochsner, the host of the show, also works for the Times. Might I suggest he take the story from the previous writer, who's article last Saturday was botched according to all that saw the incident?