Monday, November 11, 2002

You're wrong. Now let's talk.
James Lileks has a longish Bleat today that includes a phrase we could use in discussing the ideological battle on campus.
An old friend who still believes what we believed in college took me to task the last time we met, and wondered where Mr. Middle Ground had gone, why I no longer seemed interested in finding commonality. The simple answer is that there is no common ground with people who think you�re a political leper, a winged monkey in the service of a green-skinned Nancy Reagan in a witch�s hat. Respect works both ways, and if it�s not returned, then something changes. There�s a difference between thinking someone�s strategies are wrong, and thinking them a knave who acts from ignorance at best, and more likely acts from malice. If that�s what you think, I am not interested in changing your mind. I am not interested in working together. I am not interested in suffering your insults or your condescension or any other form your preconceptions take. I am interested in defeating you, and getting down to work with the people who come in your place, and grant me the respect I�ll give them.
'Nuff said.