Friday, November 15, 2002

Still busted
In the middle of the discussion about Nichols came a letter from a couple people who have stirred up some problems for us in the past, Michael Davis and Buster Cooper. Davis is a current faculty member; Cooper was one, and is reportedly still around campus but not shown in the online directory.
...If you and the vast majority of faculty members (using the term loosely) had aggressively helped this trailer park community (both campus and city) confront blatant racism, the bright international orange Achilles Heel of bigotry would not supply us with such easy targets.

When Nichols' previous schooling and philosophical considerations suddenly become the subject of obvious panic, we love it. The standard putrid stench of powerless racists is always a source of uncontrollable laughter. We strongly suggest immediate cathartic sessions with Trent Lott and/or Prozac.

... As Struther Martin (Capt'n) said to Paul Newman (Cool Hand Luke), "What we have here is a failure to communicate." If those in art, athletics business and psychology (Applied), think they have been humiliated by some of us, the media and costly law suits, Al Jolson said in The Jazz Singer, "You ain't seen nothin' yet." It's time for us to simply "run up the score" until major and rapid changes become evident. As a direct result of costly litigation (wasting taxpayer's money) and periodic public humiliation, we assume MnSCU will begin to micro-manage. MnSCU's efforts to "keep the lid on" will probably result in "heads rolling."

If there is anything we have said, anything at all, we suggest an aggressive shopping trip for local judges who might consider a restraining order.
Guys, it's Strother Martin, one of the best character actors ever. And I thought Bachman Turner Overdrive said "You ain't seen nothin' yet". My nana loved The Jazz Singer, but she wasn't so cool to BTO.

In fairness, these two don't represent most of the "Color Caucus". But it does show what the game is with them -- threat and intimidation, and preying on reaction from the state board (MnSCU = Minnesota State Colleges and Universities) to get rid of people they've decided don't meet their demands. The system here will remain "Busted" until someone in St. Paul sacks up and let's those of us here who know the local situation to decide which lawsuits to settle and which to litigate, and which heads should roll.