Sunday, October 06, 2002

The Wall Street Journal's editorial page had this scary article last August about the Left's domination of college campuses. The most scary thing?

"The nearest thing to a conservative bastion is the Stanford Economics Department, where seven of 28 members (25%!) belong to the right."

Actually, that's not a surprise, for those of us who know Stanford. Most of the schools they put in this have economics departments that are probably left of the center of the profession's ideological spectrum (UCLA is probably an exception). I am quite certain that the economics department I'm in has a greater proportion than 25%; of the remainder, only one would be called a hard leftist. But it sure does feel like an island out here some days!

Unfortunately the article is not online; see the September issue of The American Enterprise, and particular the article by editor Karl Zinsmeister, for the poll in question.