Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Reader Roger Lewis sends along this link on the size of political contributions by unions. He notes "As an Arizona boy, my experience with unions is very limited, but AFSCME sure has one heck of a lot of money to donate!" That's no lie! And guess who gets much of their money? That's right, Democrats get $9 of every $10. Ditto for the National Educators Association and the American Trial Lawyers Association. As I mentioned to someone else who wasn't happy with my Wellstone rally report, Vladimir Illich Wellstone is getting most of his money by personal contributions, but from individual contributions by lawyers and soft money via the national party and teachers union. And today someone emails me a shameless Flash ad criticizing Coleman's PAC money, while Coleman has raised little more than $1 million to Wellstone's $580,000. The size of the party support and individual contributions by lawyer$ that V.I. Wellstone gets far swamps Coleman's supposed advantage. (Data from OpenSecrets.) And more than half of the money Pauly has gotten comes from out of state.