Thursday, October 17, 2002

It's nice to see Kevin's post that King put up on scsu-discuss. It's nicely direct. I'm anxious to see if there will be any kind of response from the social justice crowd to the call for rational debate. I doubt it of course. They believe in pronouncements, demonstrations and chants, not debate. We did have one debate about a decade ago. I think it was a human relations class that asked Myron Anderson, a prof. from philosophy now retired, and I to take on political correctness and some of its defenders one evening. There was supposed to be a student debate on the same stuff at noon the next day. It sounds pretty pompous, but, frankly, I thought we creamed the other side -- they just didn't do at all well in controlled, rational debate. Without telling us why, they cancelled the student debate for the next day. Since then I've been asked to come to things like speakouts, which are unstructured , emotional and loud, but never a debate. I guess it's pretty naive to expect anything to start now, in the twilight of the pol-correct gods.