Sunday, September 15, 2002

Just when you think it's safe to think again, we had a little protest about how the big bad US is going to blow up poor little Iraq. Many of the protestors are either SCSU students or faculty. Some people apparently think we need every last person's permission to go to war.

--One student of our social responsibility program says "I don't believe in war." Belief trumps fact. Swell, and when the bombs fall I'm sure your beliefs will protect you.

--"Not in my name" -- but when I ask that my tax dollars not fund the NEA and the teachers' unions, where are you? With a gun, taking my money away.

--And of course the usual "No more blood for oil", as if the price falls every time we pursue foreign policy there.

Behold, the vanguard of the idiotarians. Over in the campus paper one writer wants us to commemorate 9/11 by cutting our dependency on foreign oil. Common Dreams goes further, wanting the WTC site to be a monument to "a future free of this literal and figurative fuel" (whatever THAT means). I cannot wait to watch these people stroke their scrabbly beards wondering why they can't heat their cappucinos by holding magnifying glasses towards the sun.

I suppose it could be worse, as Joseph Sabia reports at Frontpage. At least we're not being silenced.