Sunday, December 30, 2007

U of M's Women's Basketball 

As mentioned last season, we follow the U of M women's basketball team. The 2006-7 season was pretty much a training year - the team was comprised of one senior, two juniors, one sophomore and the rest were freshmen. Talented? Yes. Experienced? No.

We were looking forward to the 2007-8 season with a bit of trepidation. Would a year of experience in a tough league prove beneficial? This season began with 12 players and added another this fall for a total of 13. Then one of the best defenders, a senior, got sidelined for the season with a torn ACL. The 6'4" freshman has had knee problems and most likely will not play. The team is now comprised of a core group of eight players: one senior, two juniors, five sophomores - not a lot of room for error or more accidents.

But they are really coming together. They hang tough no matter what - they simply refuse to stop trying. Their record is 11-3 record so far including wins in their first two Big-10 games. Two wins, against Michigan State (#24 pre-season) and Louisville, (#23 pre-season) have increased the team's confidence.

What has been just wonderful is watching incredible improvement in such a short time. The heavy part of the schedule, Big-10 is just beginning and much could happen. But the attitude, drive, persistence, teamwork, passing, and patience all look good. It should be a fun season.