Friday, June 15, 2007

Since you won't give us tax money, we're taking your dog 

Give me a break.
In the wake of two severe dog attacks in St. Paul, DFL state Rep. John Lesch said Friday he will introduce legislation next year to ban five dog breeds in Minnesota -- chow chows, wolf hybrids, pit bulls, Akitas and Rottweilers.

Under Lesch's proposed legislation, anyone owning one of the banned dogs would be subject to misdemeanor charges and face as long as 90 days in jail and a fine of as much as $1,000.

Two children were recently bitten in St. Paul by pit bulls that had reportedly bitten people before. And other dog attacks in Minneapolis and St. Paul have drawn attention this year.

"It's a very sweeping piece of legislation," Lesch said, adding that one of his colleagues in the House of Representatives, whom he did not name, had been attacked by a pit bull.
You wonder if legislators taste like chicken.

Lesch is, of course, an assistant city attorney in St. Paul. There's a law in place in Minnesota that prevents a city from banning particular breeds. So he wants to change the law so he can get rid of "dogs that are known to be aggressive," according to his spokesman. Yet neither the St. Paul police nor any other police squad interviewed for that article can show how dog attacks are increasing. If anything, they're down.

So consider yourself on watch, Rep. Lesch. Buttercup does not take kindly to people trying to ban her friends, and has recommended you to next year's silly bill contest.

I wouldn't mess with her if I were you. This is no ordinary Boston Terrier. She's got friends at biker bars, and they're already unhappy with that smoking thing.

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