Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Whose hypocrisy is this, anyway? 

Let me see if I understand Mike Kaszuba. A man pays his taxes. His children are placed in debt at a clip of about $900 billion per year. In return some small amount of that money is made available to people if they buy a product that man sells, for the purpose of "making the planet greener". But because that man opposes higher debt and higher taxes, he is to refuse their money? He is not to offer something of value to them -- a new furnace for their homes -- in return for that money, part of which is given to the consumer by those who loot him and his children? So they are robbed twice, once by the state, second by the morals of the robber?

That is Mike Kaszuba's world. If a man robs you and then offers you cab fare home, you should refuse it because it was gotten immorally. You should sacrifice yourself to the thief. As Ayn Rand once said, evil requires the sanction of the victim.

And if your world is not Kazzuba's, and if you need a furnace, you know where to go.