Tuesday, October 06, 2009

We're #43! 

From here. The only place where Minnesota ranks above average for business climate is the property tax, and who knows where that's going this year.

UPDATE (10/7): I'm often amused by the criticism of the index, when people don't take the time to read what's in it. One can compute an effective tax rate that's much lower than the statutory rate, yet the higher rate is still an impediment on unfavored economic activity. Tax Foundation's Natasha Altamirano explains:
The State Business Tax Climate Index does not, as Rousseau claims, simply add up tax collections and favor the states that collect the least. Instead, we reward states for having neutral tax codes that don't distort economic decisions - whether it's through high rates on the wealthy or tax credits for new businesses or sales tax exemptions for certain goods or services.

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