Friday, October 16, 2009

Pepper, Pets 

Many of us are cat and/or dog lovers. Sometimes, our pets become part of our families. Why? They comfort us, we comfort them. The passing of a loved pet, one that has been with us, can be a sad event.

King, Pepper entered your family's life unexpectedly and just knew when his time was up. You enjoyed him and I'm sure, he enjoyed a family that welcomed him, no questions asked.

Thank you for sharing.

KING ADDS: Thank you, Janet. Every pet I've owned as an adult has been a family member, but Pepper was the first one to "volunteer" at our door. When they put out a box for him with a blanket he hopped right in, laid down and waited for what would be next. Because we were a little slow to realize he had chosen us he had to give us more hints. Barbara reminds me that he had actually come to the window of her home office and pawed the screen. He was right; it was a great match.