Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You can't get there from here 

I am happy to report that I have not had the disaster poor Ed had (or James?) but the weather has caused at least one disaster in our family, albeit a mild one. Littlest is playing basketball for a high school team this year, and to get from a piano lesson to a game eight miles away (according to GPS.) Game is scheduled for 6, we get out of piano at 4:50. Cake, right? Nope; not one, not two, but three accidents block the two paths from one place to another. First one has me skirting through residential streets. Locals can tell you horror stories of CR 134; Monday was mine. Finally navigating towards the school, we see Littlest has the home uniform on, but we're going to a road game. Got to head home. Now we find a guy puts his car in the ditch and tries to drive out onto Highway 15. Ends up stopping two lanes of traffic. James notes "If, after following the instructions in step one, you find yourself in the ditch, stay there. You�ve earned it." Not that chucklehead. A just God would have put his car in the Sauk River.

Get home at 5:20. Still six miles to game. 5:22, accident stops traffic by other major artery going to Sartell (where the game is.) Turn back around, head through another residential development to get around. Success. No, fail -- person driving 20 on a 45 mph road in front of me, only two lanes. Arrive 5:47. Success? She has only to put her shoes on and grab a ball. Maybe she can still play.

Except the game started at 5:45. Nobody told Littlest the game was a 5:45 start (she plays for a high school different than her own.)

She road the pine. But safely.