Friday, October 17, 2008

Always has the support of Paul 

A local electrician's union is suggesting that it will only support a school levy in St. Cloud if the school district promises prevailing wages on its construction sites:

At a meeting of labor leaders Thursday, St. Cloud school levy campaign volunteer Pat Welter was told St. Cloud schools might get more support for a proposed property tax increase if the school district committed to paying prevailing wages for school building projects.

The labor leaders said electricians are having trouble finding work.

It wasn�t a deal Welter was in a position to make, but it exemplifies the difficult climate supporters of a proposed $10.25 million property tax increase are confronting.

The higher wages that the electricians demand price out the younger workers, those who are gaining experience. The proposal says, we will support you if you will help take dollars from taxpayers and give them to our membership. Who wouldn't like that deal? That which robs Peter to pay Paul...

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