Friday, July 18, 2008

Where are the Western Feminists? 

Reading a Leon Uris book decades ago, I was struck by the blatant description of the crass behavior of some middle eastern men towards women. I put it aside as a vulgar rarity but after reading this description about the behavior of Egyptian men, I wonder. While this article was written by two women, it's not in a mainstream publication.

This story follows another that showed the assassination of two Afghan women by the Taliban. The Taliban still exists in areas of Afghanistan where women are forced, as is visible in this photo, to wear the full burka. They were accused of prostitution but note what's missing: no witnesses; no trial; no court; no defense; no alternative other than to be executed by men of questionable standards.

When will the so-called defenders of women's freedom, those security driven feminists and their male cohorts, speak out about this kind of atrocious behavior? Their silence is in direct opposition to their comments that men and women are completely equal.

What has bugged me about the equal rights mantra of feminists is their refusal to support all women. They only support their whining compatriots and want their secure jobs (government, academia) while preaching that all cultures are OK. Cultures that blame women for men's sexual misbehavior and treat women as second class people/slaves are not equal to ours, never have been and as long as they exist never will be.

The spinelessness of far too many feminists and their weak-kneed male buddies shows that they really do not mean what they say. They simply show their selfish behavior while promoting a "take care of me" agenda in a country where they have no fear of a free-lance militia kidnapping and executing them.