Monday, July 07, 2008

Cue up Sherman 

I read almost every newspaper I get online. (The exception is the WSJ, whose front section is read at the coffee shop.) I walked into my usual place this morning and someone said I was in the piece about Sen. Tarryl Clark's future this morning. Yes, I said, I had talked to Larry Schumacher before I went away last week and gave him a few quotes. But when I came home today early (and promptly got on Ed Morrissey's show on Hot Air) Mrs. S points me to this line:
Banaian is an economics professor at St. Cloud State University and conservative blogger. He has been mentioned among Republicans as a possible challenger for her Senate seat in 2010, if she runs for re-election.
I think Larry would confirm I said I wasn't interested when he asked that of me. I have a longer version of why, but the simple explanation is that I'm looking forward to getting back to academic life when my last term as a department chair ends in 2010. (Thankfully, term limits in our faculty contract will keep the department from asking me to do it again.) Maybe on radio I will give a longer version, but that will do. I tell my kids "never is a very long time" so I don't do Shermanesque statements, but really, not interested.

Still, to anyone who said it to Larry, I thank you for holding me in such regard. (High or low?)

In re: Clark, my comments drew in part on this piece from March. My praise of her personal side is firsthand. She can be very pleasant in private conversation, and she's not prone to mistakes. She is just wrong on most of the issues I care about; I have many friends with that quality.

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