Thursday, June 12, 2008

The price of leadership keeps going up 

Boy, the cost of provosts has certainly gone up.
The new UW-Madison chancellor, Biddy Martin, was hired with a salary of $437,000 a year, more than $100,000 higher than her predecessor John Wiley was paid. President Kevin Reilly was granted a raise of nearly $80,000, moving from $342,000 a year to $421,500 annually by next June.

And to make it all the more difficult to follow, the board discussed the raises and voted to enact them in a secret session.
And what does $437,000 buy you? A Donna Shalala look-alike that is making domestic partner benefits an issue for hiring success at UW and a scholar of women's studies and German that attracts Wisconsin legislators' attentions. Her vitae is here. She got her degree in Madison; I guess in academics you don't get a hometown discount.