Friday, May 02, 2008

Latest on King 

We just returned from a visit to King in the hospital in St. Cloud, about 80 miles north of here.

He was sitting up, reading his email, enjoying a number of visitors. He says it's difficult to walk much - it really tires him but he does it. He's eating solid food and is very alert. I cannot emphasize how much everyone's thoughts, prayers, notes, comments (and flowers) meant to him - blew him away - he's very grateful.

King hopes to get home tomorrow; if not then, Sunday. It will be a while before he gets back to 100% but he'll make it. His gall bladder was really bad - no microscopic surgery, the full incision had to be made. Hence, a longer recovery but at least they got it before the infection got any worse. This was serious, folks.

Again thank you all.