Friday, May 30, 2008

Convening by milling around, mucking about 

The ballots are being distributed on constitutional changes after a rather long debate and another mind-numbing credentials report which seems mostly to serve only as a reminder that the bathrooms are nearby and it's time for lunch. They've decided to have a credentials report before every major item voted, which is great for being sure the delegates who killing a lot of time here. (They've now just decided to report changes in seatings, which will greatly speed things up, thank God!)

The big battle is between the McCain and Paul people regarding the McCain campaign's use of paper signals for their supporters. There are McCain workers with earpieces walking around with hats and it appears yes and no signs. The Paul supporters believe this should be stopped. However, I have also seen and heard from other delegates that Paul supporters pass around cell phones with voting instructions. Less intrusive, I suppose, but it's the same thing. Mostly, I think the morning vote on the rules has made the Paul supporters restive and they are using the coordination of McCain supporters as a way to take out their disappointment, along with some questions on the constitutional rules.

I believe the national delegate elections are coming shortly, to be followed by the decision on endorsing for Senate. Kevin Duchschere, who is sitting two tables away here, has posted on the possibility that the endorsement of Sen. Coleman might not be unanimous. Few things ever are, and while I haven't seen the flyer Duchschere refers to, Minnesota Majority has circulated a flyer like its piece yesterday questioning Coleman's support on the Climate Security Act. It's hardly newsworthy that Coleman votes sometimes unlike hard-core conservatives, not is it surprising that more than a few of those here.

I'm now up to three on the number of former students I've seen here, all unexpected.

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