Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Additional coverage of the service dog story 

After covering the story on Ed's show on Hot Air, I was amazed to hear the original story read this afternoon by Rush Limbaugh as I drove back from a haircut. Gary and the Lady Logician both comment as well, with a reminder of what the Americans with Disabilities Act says and a description of the service these dogs provide. I was reminded by Ed that his wife has used service dogs and been denied service by cab drivers in the Cities who were of the Muslim faith.

A couple of points of note: SCSU's teacher development program places a very substantial number of students in District 742. The district can choose not to accept those students. As such, I think the university is a bit boxed in on this; I wish our university could say something stronger, but there are valid reasons for reticence. Second, I had missed the point entirely but Rush's reading reminded me: The Somali children at Talahi Elementary were provided paper so that they could pet Emmitt while not violating their religious beliefs. If touch is the issue, the solution had already been found to keep the student and the dog in the classroom.