Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Idea of the day 

In commenting on Mitch's post about pennies (referring to mine), "kel" writes:
here�s where MN tic legislators could really put MN on the national map.

Pass a �rounders� tax on all retail sales mandating all sales amounts be rounded up to the nearest nickel. Mandate further that instead of allowing the extra revenue to fall into the hands of ignorant miscreant capitalist running dog retailers all additional monies will be directed to the state general fund (remember: State is Mother, State is Father!) where it can appropriately and generously be distributed for the necessary building (union) of amphitheaters, GLBT coffeehouses, light rail to Circle Pines and Northfield and of course the many necessary services for �the children�.

no more pennies in MN! the slogan could be �Go Penny Free!�
You know, that's utterly brilliant. Government can no longer make seigniorage revenues from pennies, so they ban them and tax all the round-ups. The other Colbert smiles...

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