Thursday, March 06, 2008

FAIL that department 

One thing about doing early morning radio is that you become a fan of Fark for quick odd news items to throw when you've got 60-90 seconds to the next break. As any KARnie will tell you, a capitalized FAIL has a special meaning in the Farklands.

Craig Newmark hangs the sign on an economics department web page.
The homepage for Swarthmore's economics department presents seven "Questions of Economics". The first one is "What activities should governments undertake, and what can be left to markets?"

"Left to markets"??

In the department in which I was trained and the one in which I work, this question would be posed differently: "For what activities is the market sufficiently inefficient--explain carefully why!--that we should consider allocating by government instead?"
To be fair, I guess I should show you ours. I think we're OK, but have at it.

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