Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mrs. Clinton Plays the Feminist Card 

Yesterday, Friday, while working out, I had the chance to watch Mrs. Clinton on the Tyra Banks talk show. What I saw greatly concerns me.

First, the film footage showing Mrs. Clinton from a little girl to her present position is quite well done. That in itself is fine, a very good piece of marketing. It's the "care" that bothers me. She grew up in a privileged family and was "encouraged to do" whatever she could to succeed. She has by all measurements. The question is, what does she want for other women or is she in this solely for herself? Has her quest become an end unto itself, or can she actually lead?

Secondly, Mrs. Clinton has an uncanny way of avoiding eye contact. Just watch her. She rarely looks eye-to-eye with anyone talking to her. Tara Banks got some contact but otherwise, Mrs. Clinton's hands were flying all over the place, her eyes going up, sideways, down but not making contact with the camera, the audience or Ms. Banks. Why can't she look people in the eye? Is it because she knows she's using people? women in particular? Is she really unsure of what she thinks she can do?

I lived through all the feminist hype. I watched a good intention - to open doors for women - become a stomping ground for the loudest and brashest of females. I watched education being taken over by people with a "social justice" game plan, another name for socialism.

Do women understand if this woman gets in the White House or anywhere else in power, she is not for them, she is for herself? Mrs. Clinton is a socialist's socialist - look at her goals:
1 - Government run healthcare for all. But no one in America is denied healthcare, it's health insurance where the discrepancy exists;
2 - Mandatory, government sponsored schooling for the children. Parents, it's your three-year-olds who will be subjected to the socialist mindset. What influence you might still have, will be removed. Homeschoolers may be stopped.
3 - Raise taxes and provide more money for her projects and education. Unfortunately, we've learned more money is not the answer to our education woes (standards and curriculum are). Washington DC spends around $14,000/pupil yet is failing most students in the sense that they are not learning what they need to learn; Mpls spends about $11,000, to what end?
4 - If you think you have it financially tough now, wait until the government does it all for you.

Mrs. Clinton is either ignoring or has little clue of the real threats to our society. Maybe she thinks she can be nicey nice and in return the people who want all of us (including Mrs. Clinton) to submit to their belief system or be murdered will be nice, too.

Tyra's audience appeared awed by Mrs. Clinton. Ladies, wake up. When a politician says she/he will solve all your concerns, you can bet they will take away your rights and freedoms in the process. While it is tempting to want someone else to "fix" our problems, the basic belief of the Founders was that people were smart enough to solve their own. Ladies, Mrs. Clinton will remove any options that still exist. This is not a good sign.

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