Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Say that with a Norwegian accent 

I have to admit, I find this amusing:

From WSJ's Political Journal's John Fund:
But some dissident elements appeared in Oslo to protest Mr. Gore's plan for centralizing control over economic growth. Politico.com reports that a Democrat source in Oslo detected "a significant Ron Paul for President contingent with signs and banners outside [Mr. Gore's] hotel." Apparently, some Paul supporters believe Mr. Gore's plans would only make the world poorer and less able to cope with serious environmental concerns. A source in Oslo told me that several Paulheads chanted, "All we are saying, is give growth a chance," in a throwback to a 1960s anti-war protest song.
So he isn't probably going to win anything, but there are times this race really benefits from having the energy of the Paulites.

Original at Politico.com.