Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Muslims and Treatment of Women 

This column by Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe provides a succinct analysis of the subjugation and often murder of women in too many Muslim countries as well as in some Muslim communities in the west. Atrocious punishment is imposed on Muslim women by Muslim males because the man's honor has been tarnished? It is difficult for us to comprehend the intensity of the Muslim male's violent reactions to what we see as normal, female behavior.

In reference, I have a few questions to pose to the so-called feminist leaders of the west:
1 - Where is NOW's response to these murders? No where.
2 - Where are the other western women's rights groups? No where.
3 - Where are the female professors of "women's studies" that decry dead white male historical behavior yet ignore the current, abusive treatment of women in too many Muslim countries? No where.
4 - Where is the MSM that is so eager to criticize America while turning a blind eye to these abhorrent male Muslim actions? No where.
5 - Where are the female journalists who supposedly are so interested in covering women's rights? No where.
It is interesting to note that so many western feminist professors, journalists, and do-gooders are quite at ease attacking the relative innocent behavior of white males but are incredibly ignorant (or playing ostrich) when looking at the horrific treatment of women from other cultures, particularly some Muslim cultures. In spite of western elite female rhetoric, all cultures are not equal. Women across the planet, professional and in servitude will lose big time if we in the west lose this war of ideas, and yes, this war of cultures.