Friday, December 28, 2007

More Charlie Wilsons wanted (and more Philip Seymour Hoffman!!) 

I went with some friends to see Charlie Wilson's War last night. Forget Tom Hanks -- Philip Seymour Hoffman has the best role in the movie and dominates the scenes he's in. I loved him in Casino Royale M:I3, and now in this he's in my very short list of movies that I'll see because he's in it regardless of what the movie is about. (Thanks to Ming; I have no idea why I was thinking Casino Royale there. It makes more sense with M:I3, a movie I otherwise didn't like.)

A couple places (notably this IBD editorial) suggest the movie has a Hollywood slant. OK, maybe it does, though for someone my age you have enough knowledge of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the role of the US with the mujaheddin in western Pakistan to put the proper history around it. You don't need to be an expert. It might have been nice to have seen Reagan at least once in the movie. But that appears an error of omission than commission, and it bothers one less. John Fund today wonders what happened to "Scoop Jackson Democrats" like Charlie Wilson. I wonder if Scoop Jackson would even be a Democrat. If this is how Dewayne Wickham treats Joe Lieberman, what would he do with a Charlie Wilson?