Monday, December 10, 2007

It's only a matter of time 

Angry parents in Hungary have formed an association to license local Santas after complaining they weren't up to scratch.

The Hungarian Santa Foundation has teamed up with Santa Claus workers' unions to create an exam with strict requirements for people who want to work as Santas.

And they plan to take legal action against any fake Father Christmases who try and operate without a Santa licence.

Apart from having to sit the exams - from now on every Hungarian Santa has to be at least 5ft 7ins tall and in good physical shape.

His voice has to be low, and he has to possess good communication skills, and he has to convince examiners he likes kids.

Foundation head Gyoergy Balint said: "If a jolly old man with a sack of presents is found handing out presents amongst kids on the street without a proper Santa diploma - then he will have to answer in a court of law."

Source. Which gets me to thinking: I heard a great sermon yesterday at a church where I occasionally sing in which the Salvation Army came up. And I saw a bellringer on this campus.

It's only a matter of time -- will they be banished or just licensed? And what will be the requirements? Your answers invited in comments.

(h/t: Businesspundit)