Thursday, November 01, 2007

To Hillary: We Women Aren't Oppressed Victims 

Hillary's gaffe at the Tuesday Democrat debate has been covered in previous posts here, here and here. Howard Kurtz summarizes reactions to this gaffe in an article in the Washington Post.

Now the Hillary campaign is going into overdrive, playing the "women are oppressed" victim card. How typical. Truth is, Hillary is no victim. She blew an answer to the issuance of drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants - it's that simple. Her "I'm the oppressed woman" plea shows immature and irresponsible behavior, another example of blaming someone else and calling them names to dodge an issue.

When you're #1, regardless of environment - political, economic, militarily, commercially - your competitors come after you. It's called LIFE. Deal with it Hillary - acting like an excuse-driven wimp doesn't fit your canned persona.

We women succeed everywhere by producing, not by whining and complaining that someone is holding us back. Do not ask us to vote for you by claiming you are being oppressed. That's a crock and you know it.