Thursday, November 08, 2007

See Spot. See Spot Deduct. Deduct, Spot, Deduct! 

If you can qualify for a tax deduction for relocation expenses to move to a new part of the country, you can deduct the costs of moving your pets. Believe it or not, I knew this, because when I went to work in Ukraine some years ago, I asked if I could include the costs of moving Buttercup's predecessor, Betty. In that case, the answer was 'no', since I was not moving permanently to Kyiv. Had I announced I was moving permanently, I could have deducted her move, but then none of my living expenses in Kyiv. Weird, isn't that!

There are millions of these complications in the tax code. Apparently some people think these should only be taken by liberals. Which means that conservatives will pay more for the government they want to make smaller, and liberals will pay less for the government they want to make bigger.