Wednesday, November 21, 2007


A few weeks back, after some investigative reporting by my NARN colleague Michael Brodkorb, we ran a story on The Final Word about a potential irregularity with the use of a mailing list from an official function of the Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie, for a newsletter that solicited donations for Ritchie's campaign. At the time, Ritchie was quoted as saying he didn't know how Republican operatives who attended the official meeting got his solicitation. Today, Ritchie admits he personally gave the lists to the mailer. Michael now documents as well that Ritchie's office claimed not to know how the lists got to the mailer in a response to questions from two legislators.

Kudos of course to Michael. Also to Mark Brunswick at the StarTribune for following up on this story and getting the scoop on Ritchie's admission.

Now it's the rest of the media's turn. On Nov. 4, 2006, the PioneerPress endorsed Ritchie (which Ritchie has reproduced on his own campaign site), including this paragraph
We will hold Ritchie accountable to his promise to run his office as a "nonpartisan" � a big challenge for anyone affiliated with a political party.
PP, you're on the clock.

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