Friday, September 14, 2007

Suggestive tee: Round up the usual suspects 

The campus newspaper has a story that one of the bookstores has handed out tee-shirts with purchases that read

"I'm cheap, I'm used, I'm available."

Although the words are located directly above an image of a book, the meaning seems to vary among those who read it.

"It's talking about the person wearing it," said Kira Nelson, a senior marketing major. "It's disgusting."...

The Women's Center, along with other groups such as Women's Action, are taking steps against the message on the shirt.

"We did generate a petition for Mainstreet and gathered signatures that we will mail to Campus Book and Supply," said Jane Olsen, Women's Center director.

Olsen also sent a letter Tuesday to Campus Book and Supply expressing the center's views on the T-shirt.

"The message, 'I'm cheap, I'm used, I'm available,' sends the message that women and men are available for sex at any time and with anyone," Olsen said. "It's demeaning to both women and men."

Sigh. Another year begins, and the university leftists have their first cause. A t-shirt with a book on it. With any luck they'll burn a few, and our comparisons to Fahrenheit 451 will be complete.