Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mrs. Clark, call your office! 

From KNSI this morning:
St. Cloud Senator Tarryl Clark says the Governor is changing his tune and playing word games to back away from calling the legislature back to deal with those important issues.
Her superiors:

Minnesota�s Democratic legislative leaders today dropped most of their wish list for a special session, and pleaded with Gov. Tim Pawlenty to call lawmakers back to St. Paul to only work on issues related to a Minneapolis bridge collapse and southeast Minnesota flooding.

The sound bite on the radio has Clark claiming Pawlenty is taking money away from nursing homes and schools to pay for bridges. Interestingly, when Sen. Clark heard the same plan on August 18th, she was described as "generally pleased."

I guess she didn't pick up her phone messages yet.

UPDATE: Worth noting, she's mentioned in this Bemidji Pioneer article:

Last week, Pawlenty authorized advanced state aid payments to cities affected by the flood. Asked whether he could provide further unilateral assistance if a deal with legislative DFLers can�t be reached, Pawlenty tersely said, �Yes.�

Sen. Keith Langseth, DFL-Glyndon, said he and four other DFL senators � Pogemiller, Assistant Majority Leader Tarryl Clark of St. Cloud, Taxes Chairman Tom Bakk of Cook and Transportation Chairman Steve Murphy of Red Wing � were involved in crafting the letter Pogemiller and Kelliher sent Tuesday.

�We do the absolute minimum,� Langseth said of Democrats� latest proposal.

Still think he's getting outfoxed, Andy? Still putting your $2 on the superperfecta?

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