Wednesday, June 13, 2007

NCAA v live blogging 

The NCAA tossed out a reporter who was blogging the Louisville-Oklahoma State super-regional. The NCAA claims it has the right to restrict "live representations" of its games. The NCAA went so far as to revoke the media credential of Louisville Courier-Journal reporter Brian Bennett. But if Bennett or anyone else were to watch the game on ESPN or CSTV and blog from the easy chair, there would be nothing to be done. I also note that CBS Sportsline has a live blogger (called a game logger or a glogger) describe action in-game for most of the major sports; I have MLB.TV to watch the Red Sox when they're not on ESPN and usually pull up the Sportsline feed and the Sons of Sam Horn game thread to enhance my viewing.

I notice Sportsline does get to blog the NCAA tournament, but then they paid for the rights to do so. I do not believe they do so for NCAA football, as best I can tell. I suspect the NCAA official who did this was just a little overzealous, but who knows?

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