Friday, May 11, 2007

Minneapolis Star Tribune #3 - Jim Boyd 

Jim Boyd's open interview with Minnesota Monitor ( is a perfect description of the arrogant and intolerant thinking and behavior of our leftist media.

Responsible adults understand that there is a broad spectrum of respectable opinoins on politics, economics and social matters. Even when we have firm opinions of our own, responsible adults acknowledge that others who come to different conclusions are still reasonable people. Jim Boyd's contemptuous remarks and juvenile humor (calling conservative columns "codpieces") show that he did not act like a responsible adult, muchless a responsible journalist.

It is a travesty that he has held a decision making position on the Star Tribune (Strib) editorial board for 27 years. Even sadder is the fact that Boyd gloats over his expectation that things will not change even after he's gone. He refuses to take any responsibility for the demise of the Strib, never considering that his one-sided approach to news and editorials drove away readers. He continues his one-track thinking when he blames Wall Street for the Strib's problems but ignores the basic fact that one of those Wall Street companies gave him a forum to push his agenda for 27 years with minimal, if any, pushback.

The only good news coming from this change is that no one can continue to deny the bias at the Strib. Subscribers and advertisers now have full knowledge of what they will get for their money: an intolerant left wing product and increasingly a limited left wing demographic.