Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stupid bills see light of day 

At least one. From last week's list, HF 595 is on the schedule for the House Health and Human Services committee at 2:15pm this afternoon. Perhaps because it only got 29 votes for silliest bill introduced in the first round, they think this stuff can pass? This is a truly objectionable intrusion into families and hopefully the Republicans on this committee, including St. Cloud's Steve Gottwalt, can dispense with this silliness in short order and get back to the budget, which is what they are supposed to be doing this year. Or fixing health care ... oh, wait, they ain't doing that now.

I should note that Larry Schumacher has followed the path and is running bills of the day on his blog. Today's features the nanny state altering the relative price of healthy and unhealthy snacks sold in vending machines. I feel a donut coming on...

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