Monday, February 26, 2007


As with most Minnesotans, I'm used to snow. In fact, when we don't get much of the stuff, it's almost sad. I mean, why live "up north" if you can't appreciate the winter beauty?

Last Friday (2/23) we were told to expect the "storm of the century". The hype continued - stock up, stay home, it will be terrible. How many of those fear-mongering people actually live where it snows?

Today we need less hype and more recognition of what we can do. We who live in north country know how to handle snow. We know how to move it. We know when to stay indoors because the temperature may get too low. We don't need to be told to panic as if we're six-year-olds in a real crisis. Snow is snow. We can and do get a lot of it. What we don't need is the emotional drivel spouted by faces in the mainstream media predicting the "storm of the century" with 93 years to go.