Friday, February 16, 2007

She's special 

And too modest to admit it.
Janet Beihoffer has made it her mission to let soldiers serving overseas know they are not forgotten.

The Lakeville part-time professor, wife and mother of grown children has turned a spare bedroom into a storage and �staging area� for preparing care packages she frequently sends to soldiers who get little or no mail � people she will probably never meet.

�I have a very strong reason to support out troops over there. I know a little bit of what they are up against,� Beihoffer said, referring to the horrific accounts of terror she hears from those students at Metro University who are refugees from other countries.

She is also motivated by what she said is the negative focus of media toward the war in Iraq.

�We only hear when we mess up, or if soldiers are hurt or killed. � There have been medals, but all we get is the negative. The soldiers have to know there is something positive from home,� Beihoffer said.

Her packages typically include lip balm, coated chocolate candies, wipes, batteries, liquid soap and sports drinks.
Yes, that's our Janet. She wouldn't post this, so I did.